We’re going on a trip…

Walkthrough is an upcoming multi-national guild that was formed on August 12th 2017, by a group of experienced individuals who’ve known and played with each other both inside and outside of raid environments for a long period of time, we even picked up a member from group finder! We have one simple goal that is shared in both the mindsets and mentalities of our players and that is to compete with other hardcore raiding guilds (from Argus onwards) without raiding during the ‘day’. Our goal for Tomb of Sargeras is to establish ourselves and to prove that we are the guild we think we can be. We hope to achieve this whilst maintaining a good and healthy atmosphere in which players can continue to develop and grow in both their love of the game and their capabilities within it. This guild has been months in development and has taken a lot of effort from all involved, so one thing is certain and undeniable, we give it our all, and we always shall!

Keep up to date with our latest kills (how we are ‘Walking-through’ the content (ahaa) and recruitment needs here on this site.


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